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On site we have activities to keep you entertained:



The larger fish in our stretch of the river are Pike, Zander, Eel and Black Bass. You may also see a few smaller carp or a cat fish.

You can bring your own gear or borrow our rods and landing net. There is also a fishing supply shop at the gas station by the Eymet Carrefour 5Km away.


Just a few rules to follow; currently there is no kill on the Eel and Bass. Also no more than two Pike can be taken from the river each day.  Finally, the cat fish are an invasive species, so if landed must be killed.



We have a little row boat on the river. If you have the energy you can row up river for 2.5Km before reaching the next mill's barrage at Agnac. The return trip is easier, drifting downstream on the river current.

Life jackets are available in the games room.



On the river island, the lock keepers cottage has been restored and is now a games room.

In here you will find table tennis, darts and ball games/frisbees for use on the island. There are also picnic blankets if you want to relax by the riverside; a lazy lunch by the river locks comes highly recommended.



We offer 30m archery on the island. We charge 20 Euros for this activity as it is supervised by us. We also ask for a further 20 Euro deposit to cover the unlikely event of equipment damage or lost arrows.

We can provide large and medium sized right handed bows.

If you are interested in trying this activity, please let us know when booking.

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